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Breaking Through Blocks Now


If you experience an internal conflict between what you think you ought to do vs what you want to do and find yourself lacking clarity, so unable to make decisions or take any action – then these sessions are for you. If you are stuck in unhealthy relationships or stuck in destructive self-sabotaging patterns either of your own, or living with someone else that gets in the way of relationship harmony, and you need some quick understanding as to why, in order to make wise decisions, in order to heal and create new and healthy patterns for healthier relationships, both with yourself and or; your spouse, family, friends or colleagues – these sessions are great for you too. This is for you if you are needing to make life-changing decisions of any kind.

As a result of these sessions, you will gain fast clarity and wisdom over what might be a distressing situation. You will experience healing around the root cause of the confusion or problem, without digging through the past, and going over an old story. You will have a deeper, stronger connection to yourself, and a new understanding of yourself – thus a better relationship with yourself, which is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. This will bring a whole new understanding, clarity, wisdom and meaning to life, to who you are, to your relationships, to your experiences, to how you feel and heal. To how you are being and doing you on a daily basis. It’ll give you a better understanding of the relationships around you, and, your situation in question. To how you connect with others from now on. You will gain the fast clarity and wisdom you need, in order to bring you back into balance and harmony, and so you can take wise action and know how to deal with the situation. You will also be creating a more authentic and meaningful life, improving all areas and situations.

You will have a clear way forward, to a more peaceful, whole and happier you, and life. (This is for emergencies. For deeper, long-standing problems – you will find it more appropriate for you to do a course.)

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