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Healing Relationship – Intensive


This program is intensive, profound yet gentle and nourishing.

We will be looking at healing old wounds and old belief systems that block you from where you want to be in your relationships, whether that be in areas of relationship with yourself, and/or with others.

This program is for you if you are finally ready to discover your true identity underneath those old patterns and behaviours which sabotage the connection you have with yourself and connections with others. It is especially appropriate for you if are looking for that relationship you deserve but have not yet found and don’t know why. Or if you are uncomfortable with your own company, therefore end up in relationships that aren’t good for you, just because you need “someone”. This program is ideal, if you are confused after a period of adversity, or after a relationship has ended. It is also for you if are coming to terms with any type of sudden change, or heartbreak in life that requires clarity, and deeper understanding you’ve not yet grasped, and when self-acceptance and self-love are needed, for you to achieve inner peace, calm and true happiness and wholeness.

You will be able to feel at home, feel safe and comfortable being you, feeling whole, happy, and confident again, in your own skin.

Healing the relationship you have with yourself is so important to your wellbeing, to your state of being, your life and the quality of your life, and all your relationships now, and or in the future.

Now you can take charge of that, take charge of yourself and what happens to you from now on. Now you can have a loving and wholesome, self-loving, truthful relationship with yourself, and others.

(This is an intensive course, so once a week is advised for the best results.)

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