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Amethyst ….Keep it close by and it will help you keep a clear head!

Amethyst for relaxation and intuition
amethyst on black background.3D illustration

Amethyst and the Month of February…..

Did you know that this amazing, beautiful crystal can create so much clarity and clear brain fog? Keep it close by and it will help you keep a clear head! It has always been known as “the all-purpose stone and it is a very protective stone

One of the most ancient crystals the Amethyst is viewed as a semi-precious crystal but in traditional times, it was a very precious stone. The beauty of Amethyst is evident whether the stone is in its natural state, cut or polished into jewels. It is the birthstone for Pisces and the February birthstone along with being the stone for the 6th anniversary of marriage.

Meaning of Amethyst

The name amethyst comes from the Greek word ametusthos, which means ‘not drunk.’ Amethyst has long been thought to aid in the prevention of intoxication and overindulgence, which is why ancient Greeks wore it and carved drinking vessels out of it.

The meaning of amethyst has changed over time and across cultures, which is why the Feng Shui meaning of amethyst crystal is different and focuses on wealth enhancement.

It was also used as a powerful tool in ancient China to clear negative energy and drive away the dangers of daily life.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone with numerous properties. The following are some of Amethyst’s healing properties and powers:

Natural calming agent: Amethyst relieves stress and tension, calms irritability, balances mood swings, and alleviates anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Amethyst awakens spiritual awareness: Amethyst is a precious stone with exceptional healing and cleansing properties. It accomplishes this by enhancing a person’s psychic abilities and opening intuition.

Enhances sobriety: It helps people stay sober after binge drinking or engaging in other activities that can lead to addiction. Amethyst accomplishes this by calming the mind while stimulating the body, allowing people to remain focused and aware of their surroundings.

Insomnia relief: With Amethyst in place, you can rest assured that you will get a good night’s sleep. It also aids in the recall and comprehension of dreams.

Hormone production: Amethyst plays a critical role in overall metabolism, particularly in balancing the endocrine system by assisting in the active production of hormones for use in the body.

Amethyst helps the body fight and eliminate diseases by boosting the immune system. This stone aids in blood purification, reducing physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stress. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety in your life, and the symptoms that accompany it, namely headaches, fatigues, and anxiety. It also aids in cell regeneration (supporting your bones and joints) and is reputed to improve your skin. Amethyst is beneficial to people with diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, cell disorders, and digestive system diseases.

Protects against psychic assault: Wearing the protective Amethyst crystal provides protection against all types of suffering, including spiritual assault and those caused by external sources such as people.

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