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We all love food, and it is even better when we eat to nourish, it makes you feel so good and vibrant. Eating, preparing and sharing food is one of the biggest pleasures we can all experience.  It is not only delicious, but it is such an incredible therapy in itself: it can help to reduce stress and can be a form of mindfulness meditation .

"Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. We nourish all those things when we eat well."
Michael Pollan - Author and Journalist
Roasted Tomato Soup with ThymeThis is such an easy recipe and you can play around with it in all sorts of ways by adding different herbs or some chilli flakes and spices. I also love to add basil or stir through a couple of teaspoons of basil pesto. You can add croutons, mix in some creme fresh, or soured cream. If you are vegan you can substitute this with coconut milk. You can serve this soup hot or cold and make it as thick or thin as you like depending on how you like your soup.
Grain-Free Seed BreadHad to be quick before this all was eaten - a few slices of this were eaten before I took this! It is one of our favourites! This is the most delicious, full packed seed bread- so easy to make with simple ingredients and you can change some of the ingredients around with alternative nuts and seeds but you need the Chia seeds and flax, combined with the psyllium to create the gel that holds the bread together.
Spaghetti with Smoked Salmon, Asparagus, Parmesan & with a hint of LemonThis is such an easy recipe and one that you can just put together quickly for the family, or a light supper with friends. You can adapt it with brown pasta – just remember if you do, it always needs a little more cooking time, and I would add a little more seasoning, too. If you do not like pasta, you could always spiralize courgettes for a nutritious pasta alternative. Top tip: If you grow Asparagus remember at the end of the growing season cut foliage back to 10cm above soil level and mulch with well-rotted compost in autumn. Weed regularly and pick off asparagus beetles in spring!
Creamy Mushroom PappardelleThis is one of my son’s favourite recipe’s! If you have not found Pescatarian London, then you are missing one of the most wonderful treats – just take a visit and try some of Hanifah’s suggestions and some of her creations
Blood Orange Kale Salad with Goats Cheese & Crunchy Roasted AlmondsThis is just the most delicious salad – I love goats’ cheese and it is thought to be one of the earliest made dairy products and has been made thousands of years. This combined with the sharp delicious taste of blood oranges and the crunch of roasted almonds is just heaven.
Herb Omelette with additionsServed with avocado, sprouted seeds, radish and a sprinkling of seeds provided a meal bursting with flavour and a majestic array of nutrients. For young children, you may want to whizz the eggs and herbs in a food processor to produce a smooth green egg mixture. You can use cookie cutters or slice like a cake and add to packed lunches or offer as finger foods.
Leftover IdeasMy children have always loved every version of these burgers and here are two of our favourites. They are brilliant with a salad on their own or popped into a wholemeal pitta or wrap and added to a packed lunch or picnic. Easily adapted for a gluten-free diet and super quick to prepare. They stretch leftovers to create more meals for many mouths. I highly recommend trying these!



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