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How Gratitude Can Change Your Brain and You

How can something so simple be so powerful? More importantly, how can it make such a huge change in our life and what can we do to bring more of it into our everyday lives?

When we are grateful and receive the same, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin. These are the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions. They enhance our mood immediately, making us feel happy from the inside.

Gratitude can change your life because it makes you think about and appreciate what you do have, rather than what you don’t have.

It is a powerful source of inspiration that any person can tap into, if they simply just stop, think and understand it.
You cannot be envious and grateful at the time – or resent someone when you are grateful. Gratitude reduces the mindset of comparison and helps you to focus inwardly on your strengths. It increases happiness and has a positive impact on your overall health.

According to Cicero, gratitude is more than “the greatest virtue,” it is also “the mother of all other remaining virtues.”

  • Being Grateful may improve your self-esteem and block toxic emotions. It strengthens relationships and communities. Sending out positivity and gratitude towards others attracts positivity and rewards you in return with healthy connections with others.
  • It may well reduce and even eradicate negative emotions, like anger, resentment, frustration and regret.
  • Research suggests that practising gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness, and self-compassion may improve our sleep during stressful times.
  • It can increase your mental strength – it creates resilience and helps to reduce stress levels allowing you to be grateful for everything you have and not allowing yourself to be consumed by what you don’t have, or no longer have.

In the last year or so we have all had more time to think and look inside ourselves, and I personally have learnt so much about myself and become more aware of those around me: living a simpler life and working through all the challenges but also with a sense of gratitude. This just made things that were more challenging in some way easier. Gratitude is an attitude you choose to have.

Here are a few things you can do that will support these things.

Ways to Have More Gratitude Every Day:

  • Send a letter, card, note to someone and say something special.
  • Call someone and tell them you love them.
  • Look in the mirror and thank all those who have been there in your life who have supported you.
  • Practice mindfulness: sit down daily & think through five to ten things you are grateful for.
  • Keep a gratitude Journal
  • Smile at the next person you see.
  • Volunteer – give back to others.  Giving is a wonderful way to gratitude.
  • Put on some music and dance.


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