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Colourful Effects on Our Mood


The Influence of Colour on Our Mood: Small Changes that Matter

The chances are we will feel more relaxed and cheerful surrounded by light and airy calming hues. However, if our colours choices are bright and aggressive, we may feel motivated, but we could also feel annoyed and have no idea why.

A conscious injection of colour can help us control how we feel about ourselves and our homes.

Practical Colour Theory

Local artist Livvy uses her colour theory knowledge to assist us in understanding what each colour represents. Thanks to Livvy, we will be able to punctuate our homes with just the right amount of colour and tones.

Despite numerous debates, researchers and healers have persisted in establishing that colour has a mood-altering influence. Since ancient times, artists and healers have used this effect to improve their creations.

It’s important to realise that colour changes can appear differently based on the lighting in the space. So, let’s get started?

Firstly it is a good idea to start by determining the room’s ambience. Knowing whether cold or warm tones are required depends on the environment. For example, if we are designing a colour scheme for colder rooms, we must not forget to balance things out by incorporating some warm tones (i.e. yellow, orange, and reds).

Consider what the primary activity is in each living space throughout the home and start there.

Colour affects our Mood

While colour perception is subjective, some colours have a universal effect on the majority of us. Warm tones are colours in the red part of the spectrum (red, pink, orange, yellow), evoke emotions ranging from warmth, comfort, but also anger, and even fury.

Cool colours fall on the blue end of the spectrum (blue, purple, and green). Cool tones inspire thoughts of tranquillity, yet they can also evoke sentiments of despair or indifference.

The Emotional Impact of Colours

Let’s consider some colours and how they affect most people’s emotions, starting with blue.


Blues are tranquil, relaxing, and healing all at the same time. They’re ideal for situations where you wish to create a peaceful atmosphere. For best effect, use blues to create a calm and relaxing environment.

As a result, blue tones work in most rooms, including those designed for physical activity, such as children’s play areas. Blues, particularly indigo, perform well in meditation settings but also bathrooms.


The colour green has a balanced effect. Green creates a sense of healing and balance because it lies in the middle of the spectrum and directly links to nature.

Green re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and the connection between body and soul, making it a perfect colour for contemplation.


In most rooms, yellow is one of the most potent influencing hues and is very functional and stylish. It boosts mental activity and instils self-assurance.

Yellow is beneficial for studying because it improves focus and keeps you alert. Yellows have been shown to improve a person’s memory and concentration in numerous classroom experiments. Yellow, like red, increases energy levels and creates a sense of well-being.

Red and Orange

Warm tones such as yellows, reds and oranges and earthy tones such as brown and beige work well in the living space and hallway because they encourage dialogue.

The colour red is particularly prevalent in the fast-food industry. It stimulates hunger and promotes movement, resulting in fewer visitors leaving and more arriving. Red should be used with care since it can create hostility, inability to focus, and even headaches.

Small Changes for Maximum Impact

When used correctly with pastel or neutral colours, any of these colours can completely transform a space. Earthy tones like brown or beige can be considered dull, yet they’re a terrific choice for pairing with bright colours to create a balanced, calming atmosphere in a room.

Now that we understand the power of colour, it’s helpful to know that we can make quick but effective changes by adding a painting or some bright accessories. These simple changes will make an impact right away, positively affecting the way we think about home, no matter what life throws at us.

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