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Thank you cards Ledbury Letter press


At the upcoming EAT NOURISH LOVE Autumn Fair, we’re thrilled to showcase the fusion of art, literature, and self-expression as essential pillars of holistic wellness. With an array of art pieces, captivating books, and exquisite journals available for purchase, attendees will have the opportunity to explore and invest in their well-being through creative means.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of art, whether you’re drawn to paintings, sculptures, or mixed media creations. Each piece offers a unique journey of emotional connection and inspiration, providing a window into the artist’s soul and inviting you to reflect on your own experiences.

Meanwhile, dive into the world of literature with a curated selection of books that span genres and themes. Lose yourself in captivating narratives, insightful non-fiction, and thought-provoking poetry, each page offering a moment of respite and intellectual stimulation.

And don’t forget to indulge in the timeless practice of journaling, with an assortment of beautifully crafted journals waiting to capture your thoughts, dreams, and reflections. Whether you prefer lined pages for structured writing or blank canvases for artistic expression, these journals serve as intimate companions on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

As you peruse the offerings at the EAT NOURISH LOVE Autumn Fair, you’re not just acquiring art, books, or journals; you’re investing in your well-being and nurturing your soul. Join us in celebrating the intersection of creativity and self-care, and discover how these timeless practices can enrich your life and elevate your sense of holistic wellness.

Sophie's Ribbons

Recyclable wrapping paper, colourful ribbons and gift tags. Our wrapping paper is recyclable and ribbons can be re-used. 

Liza Butterworth Art

Paintings, placemats portraits and cards. I work from home and avoid toxic substances

Ledbury Letterpress

Letterpress Printed luxury neon stationery. 

I use FSC card and wrap my stationery in cellulose or paper bands which are compostable or recyclable; sending a card has a hugely positive impact on both the sender and recipient so I encourage it, whilst trying to be environmentally aware.

This Is Nessie

Personalised stationery and unique gifts. We try to minimise our use of plastics and we also re-use all inbound packaging. All our card, board and paper is FSC-certified

Little Plum

Memo Boards, Jewellery Boards, Photo Frames & Key Holders.

Most of the fabrics and components I use to make my products are manufactured here in the UK. The cellophane I use to protect my boards is 30% recycled.



Enter below for your change to win £100 worth of great prizes.

This is a UK mainland only competition. Competition closes 10pm on 10/06/21. Winner will be contacted via direct message or email.