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Gifts embody a myriad of meanings, transcending the tangible to encompass acts of presence, culinary delights, or even the soothing power of touch. At the heart of every gift lies the thought and intention behind it, a sentiment celebrated with passion at The Eat Nourish Love Autumn Fair. Here, an array of distinguished brands offers an eclectic selection of gifts perfect for stowing away until those special moments arise—be it Christmas or any occasion that calls for a heartfelt token of appreciation.

Picasso once remarked, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” This philosophical musing prompts us to ponder not just the essence of a gift but also what imbues a gift with its intrinsic value.

At the ENL Autumn Fair, conscious shopping becomes special  journey, offering an assortment of gifts for everyone: gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for children and babies, as well as tokens of friendship that embody the spirit of giving. Here, amidst the festive ambiance and the gathering of thoughtfully curated brands, you’ll find the perfect expression of your appreciation and love.

The true essence of a gift is you—your decision to celebrate someone’s worth with a gesture that speaks volumes of your care and consideration.

Beaver's Pots

An eclectic mix of fabulous gifts! Suppliers are UK based & we reuse paper gift bags. 

Three Grey

Immaculate secondhand 100% cashmere and handmade cashmere accessories.

We restore thousands of secondhand 100% cashmere pieces a year, by buying discarded cashmere from all over the world. We restore these pieces by repairing and reconditioning them, and use any non-restorable jumpers to make into handmade cashmere accessories, such as fingerless gloves, neck warmers and hot water bottle covers

Chic Cuisine

Kitchenware accessories, gifts and time-saving gadgets. 

Designed to last – salt and pepper mills with a lifetime guarantee; scrubbies environmentally cleaning cloths made from 100% cotton. Assist in reducing food waste – e.g. fresh herb keeper, frozen herb mill. High quality – superior grade BPA-free melamine and silicone. Packaging – kept to a minimum and recyclable where possible.

Evie’s Drawer

Unique well-being lifestyle gifts, homeware and fashion accessories. We try to buy UK or EU manufactured products in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Lottie Murphy

Cards, Gifts & Home Accessories hand illustrated by Lottie.

Our collection is made using sustainably sourced materials, accompanied with recyclable packaging. For example, all card designs are printed on FSC certified card, including a recycled envelope and compostable wrap.

Monogrammed Presents

Monogrammed Presents. Unique personalised gifts, from linens to leather, welly bags to wash bags, luggage to teddy bears and everything in between. Something for everyone and for every occasion.

We no longer tow a trailer to reduce my carbon impact. We have also changed our packaging so that we use less packaging and have also switched our lights on the stall.

Sports Channel Shop

Sporting & travelling gifts, gadgets, high-tech toys. paper bags. strongly support cycling, environmentally friendly packaging.

Go Emu

Sporting & travelling gifts, gadgets, high-tech toys. paper bags. strongly support cycling, environmentally friendly packaging.

Made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, each of our towels is made from up 50 bottles. We’ve no waste on any end-of-line fabric. Everything is up cycled into new products like our gym towels, hair wraps, ponchos and clothing. Our packaging has transitioned across to be bio-degradable too.

Sports Channel Shop

Sporting & travelling gifts, gadgets, high-tech toys. paper bags. strongly support cycling, environmentally friendly packaging


Handpainted shells and more

I up-cycle shells and give them a new beautiful life, I use sustainable packaging.

Seaton Gifts

Unique gifts that encompass technology and fashion

Our Mova Globes (our biggest selling product) are all handmade (plant based polished polymer resin) and run off the earth’s magnetic field and ambient light…. so silent and no wires/batteries. We also recycle any packaging when sending out orders.

The Indian Block Print Co.

Indian wooden printing blocks, printing kits & supplies.

All our paints are eco friendly and all our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. All of the wood we use is sustainably sourced.



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