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Living From the Inside Out

What is ‘Living from the Inside Out’ and what does it really mean?

This concept was one of the key foundations to setting up Eat . Nourish . Love.  For so many people, 2020 brought about feelings of fear, uncertainty and a sense of being very lost.
Having said that, I was fortunate to have amazing people around me and when I needed to, I just dug deep to make things work during these times. Then, after a few months, I realised all I needed to do was to listen to my inner compass and really use my intuition more than ever.

If you look really closely you will see that one of the greatest ways to change our lives, to find peace or just be truly happy and fulfilled, would be to listen to ourselves – to stop, listen and implement what that inner voice is saying and use it in our daily lives.

We all have that inner voice, but we rarely stop to listen to it.

(and so frequently ignore it at our peril. You cannot ignore something you are not listening to)

If we want to change, we need to work on ourselves from the inside out. For example, at the beginning of the year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions, promising ourselves to start doing certain good things or change some habits.
Some of us have a goal to improve things in our lives, make improvements in careers, education or lifestyle.

But so often we get frustrated along the way, because only months into the year, we are back to where we started and have not created any lasting change. The reason can be so simple: we are trying to work from the ‘outside-in,’ instead of working from the ‘inside-out.’ The things that happen in your life, happen for you, they come from your inner self (your soul, your spirit, call it what you will) and not externally by things that happen to you or what others say you should do.

Living from the Inside Out is about everything you do – what you eat, decisions you make, your relationships, what you do, where you go, what work you do and how you do it. Sometimes if you stop and just check inside…listen…you will find that inner guidance – even simple decisions, what you buy, who you need to talk to and what to wear!

Get to know yourself and how you tick. Try something new or spontaneous on your self-improvement journey, you may surprise yourself.

How to recognise whether you are living your life from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

  •  You do not allow external circumstances to drive your thoughts and actions, but you stay true to who you are, your values, your beliefs and your identity.
  • Whatever is thrown at you, you will find the way through. You use events you view as bad or difficult as opportunities to grow and flourish. You keep your perspective and find ways to process difficulties. You reach out, discuss and share and the answer comes.
  • You set your intentions and are aware of the synchronicity and the meaning of it all – you are given clues to reaffirm what you are doing is the right path. It is that gut feeling.

What I love about this living your life from inside out – are the possibilities – a way through – a way to find peace internally.

One of the greatest gifts to me was this book:

Man’s Search for Meaning – by Viktor Frankl who never lost sight that everything else could be taken away but he still had his true being, his humanity and giving up man’s humanity is a choice.

The book focuses on love, hope, responsibility, inner freedom, and the beauty to be found in both nature and art as means that help one endure and overcome harrowing experiences.

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