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mBraining Innergetics: Weight loss or overcoming problems with eating.


Innergetics (inner eating) is a scientific, yet very nurturing and powerful and empowering process to bring you back to your body’s natural signals which are your start and stop signals. You were born perfectly connected to these signals but over time they have become disconnected.

This process powerfully and deeply reignites your connection – not only to these signals but back to your identity, your core value, your self respect, your self love, and self honour. Healing the relationship you have with food, with yourself and with the life as you live it currently.

This is a precious and deep and intensive process. For this reason I like to work with a very limited amount of people so that you can have unlimited access to me personally via email, and extra calls when needed, so I can help you, guide you, support, turnaround and breakthrough any points you need help with along the way in-between your weekly sessions. So you are fully supported and guided, at all times until you learn the process and enjoy the success of new body, new you and your new life.

I welcome you to the long awaited, long term change in your life.

Your Coach,


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