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Lucinda Miller

Founder and Clinical Lead of NatureDoc
Lucinda Miller NatureDoc


Date: Wednesday 25th September

Time: 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Lucinda Miller

Founder and Clinical Lead of NatureDoc

"Brain Brilliance – Nutrition for Nurturing Better Mind, Mood & Focus"

Bringing up children can be a rollercoaster ride, and this is compounded by the rise learning difficulties, mood swings and anxiety. When you nourish the mind, immune system and gut with proper food, you are building the health and resilience which everyone needs to stay happy, focused and well – even when life sends its inevitable challenges. Since a child’s brain development continues until they are well into their twenties, what they eat now lays down the foundations of their future health. Top naturopath and child nutrition expert Lucinda Miller, shares her food secrets on how to nurture healthy eating habits in your family to optimise brain function.

Lucinda Miller is the clinical lead of NatureDoc and runs a team of UK-wide nutritional therapists specialising in family nutrition as well as running an online health food shop. She has been practising as a naturopath for over 25 years, qualified in Functional Medicine and is author of the bestselling cookbooks Brain Brilliance, The Good Stuff and I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food. She is the mum of three and lives in Wiltshire UK.



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