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The Early Early Christmas Fair is TRANSFORMING..

The Eat Nourish Love (ENL) Autumn Fair is coming to Wiltshire on September 24th and 25th on the Polo Grounds adjacent to Tedworth House in Tidworth
ENL Autumn Fair

The Early Early Christmas Fair IS TRANSFORMING …

The Early, Early Christmas Fair (EECF) was one of the longest standing charity fairs in the country and after 32 years is moving on … but not far! It will now be called  The Eat Nourish Love (ENL) Autumn Fair  and is coming to Tedworth Park, Wiltshire on September 24th and 25th –  bringing you two days of outstanding shopping.  This year we are introducing, for the first time, alongside the Fair, a series of inspirational talks by some great speakers.  All to be announced over the coming weeks.

The History … The Early Early Christmas Fair : A Journey of Community, Charity, and Success

In the bustling world of charity events, few have stood out as brightly as The Early, Early Christmas Fair. Not just an occasion for shopping and socialising, it’s a testament to the power of community, charity and the dedication of its volunteers. As we delve into its history, we uncover the heartwarming tale of how this event became a cornerstone of Wiltshire’s social calendar while tirelessly supporting ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

Origins and Early Years

The seeds of the fair were sown in the late 1980s, with a modest small charity fair at Tedworth House, providing a platform for local businesses. However, it was Sarah Rutherford-Jones who elevated it to new heights in the early ’90s. The concept was born following a house sale she held in Ashdown Terrace at which they had a ABF collecting tin for people to voluntarily contribute to – stall holders and punters alike. They managed to squeeze in about 10 stalls the majority of which were fellow army wives to give them a platform from which to sell a variety of highly desirable wares! With the help Michaela Levey and other volunteers, including her husband and friends, she transformed it into a significant fundraising event. The catchy name, “The Early, Early Christmas Fair,” created by Sarah herself, captured the essence of being the first of the season.

The Evolution Continues

As Sarah moved on, others stepped up to continue this event. Brigadier Arthur Gooch and his Sarah ran it for a number of years, followed by Leslie Finlay, Francesca Pearson, and Caroline Cary –  each brought their unique flair, expanding the fair’s reach and impact. Under their stewardship, the event blossomed into a major fundraiser, raising substantial sums for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

A Testament to Community Spirit

At its core, the fair embodied the spirit of community. Volunteers, including organisers, soldiers, and local residents, unite to make it a success year after year. The event serves as a vibrant meeting point, bridging the gap between the military and civilian populations bringing with it a sense of camaraderie.

With each passing year, the fair evolved, adapting to changing times and embracing new opportunities. From innovative marketing strategies to expanding stallholder capacity, it continued to push boundaries while staying true to its charitable mission.

NOW THE FUTURE AND LOOKING AHEAD ………. The Eat Nourish Love (ENL) Autumn Fair 2024!

Get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as we kick off the autumn season with style and purpose at ENL Autumn Fair 2024!

A Vision of Inspiration and Unity:

With decades of experience in event organisation and a deep-rooted commitment to charitable causes, the founder, Caroline Cary, understands the power of community. “The success of much of what I have done is all about people helping each other and valuing that very essence,” she says, reflecting on her journey. At the ENL  Autumn Fair, we aim to empower, engage, and enrich lives, creating a sense of belonging and unity within the military family and beyond.

Explore a World of Delights:

Step into a world of wonder and discovery as you explore over 120 stalls offering an exquisite array of products. From delicious food items to fashionable clothing, personalised stationery to captivating art pieces, there’s something for everyone at our fair. This year, we’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new addition: the wellness and self-care space. Embracing our core values of well-being and sustainability, this curated section will offer holistic products and experiences designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

A Commitment to Making a Difference:

As we come together to celebrate, we also remember the importance of giving back. The ENL Autumn Fair is proud to support Walking with the Wounded and Horatio’s Garden, raising funds and awareness for these worthy causes. “The link between the military and wellness is huge,” says Caroline. “We’re inviting ambassadors to talk and be part of the event, highlighting the significance of physical and mental health within our community.”

So mark your calendars and join us at The ENL Autumn Fair 2024 for an extraordinary celebration of community, creativity, and connection. With a charming setting, convenient parking, and an array of delights waiting to be discovered, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Together, let’s inspire, engage, and unite….


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