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Can the colour red encourage you to eat more?


“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” ― Wassily Kandinsky

Colours is so important to how people live their lives every day, it influences so much and  It can change the way people think, act, and respond to things around them and it because it sends subliminal messages to the brain, companies spend a lot of time making sure they choose the right colours when developing their products. One of the most important things in life that is affected by colour is food. Colour affects things like how much people eat, what they choose to eat, and how places are decorated.

When we go out to a restaurant, café, or coffee shop for a meal, we probably don’t realise that the decor and tableware have been carefully chosen to affect not only how much and what kind of food we eat, but also how quickly or slowly we eat. Colours affect how people feel, which affects everything from how long they stay to what they order.

Colour affects all of our senses unconsciously, and it has a big impact on our hunger and the foods we choose. Colours can make us feel hungry, sad, happy, calm, or full of energy.

Colour has a huge effect on dining rooms. How people see and choose things can be affected by the colours used. There’s no question that some colours look better than others.

Bright red, for example, makes people feel hungry and encourages them to eat more. Green, on the other hand, makes people feel happy and relaxed, and because it’s associated with nature, it makes people want to eat healthy, well-balanced foods and spend more time at a restaurant. This is why it’s the most popular colour for health-based restaurants.

People often say that the colour red makes them hungrier, less depressed, and more angry. They also say that purple makes them more creative and better at solving problems, orange makes them happy, blue makes them feel safe and productive, and green makes them feel peaceful and effective.

Some fast-food chains use orange and yellow in their restaurants to encourage people to eat quickly and leave. Orange makes you hungry, yellow makes you feel good, and orange and yellow together make you feel like you can be yourself. Blue, on the other hand, makes you feel full, so serving food on a blue plate can possibly help you lose weight. This colour usually makes people feel calm, so it’s common for coffee shops and restaurants to decorate with blue or soft shades of blue, which makes people stay longer.

Serving white and brown foods on the same colour plates makes the food look bland and boring. Researchers have found that eaters are less happy and more likely to eat too much. But putting something like a strawberry treat on a white plate that has a different colour makes it taste sweeter and more intense.

In the last few years, places called “Dine-in-the-dark” or “Dans le noir” have opened up, where people eat and drink in complete darkness. Because visual cues are so important to how we understand flavour and how we control our appetite, it turns out that diners can find it hard to tell the difference between tastes when they can’t see them.

Eating the rainbow whenever possible can make a huge difference to the way we feel. it really had such a feel good factor ….

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