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Aquamarine and the Month of March 2023

Aquamarine for protection and communication Bloodstone for energy and confidence
Beautiful gold ring with aquamarine and diamonds on a black background

Aquamarine is a blue gemstone and is believed create emotional clarity.

One of my most favourite stones is the Aquamarine. I was given a ring by my grandmother which I treasure it as it brings back so many memories. Although it is not my birth stone it still has such amazing properties, and it always helps bring clarity into my day.

As the source of its name would suggest, the finest colors of aquamarine are reminiscent of the sea and the colour of Aquamarine gemstones range from blue to blue-green, and can be pale to light-blue, dark-blue, green-blue, or blue-green (aquamarine blue).  Blue is a universally loved colour, in every culture across the world, as it gives off a positive vibe, representing trust, tranquility, relaxation, protection and healing. Aquamarine’s spiritual strength reflects these feelings perfectly. 

Why is aquamarine important?

The aquamarine crystal is supposed to help wearers heal from emotional trauma more effectively and comprehensively by calming tempers and conflict. Wearing aquamarine can also aid with stress alleviation, resurfacing buried emotions, and instilling a sense of tranquilly.

What is aquamarine crystal good for?

The stone is said to help you sift through energy and information, create mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind; it’s even used to improve the intellect. Due to the fact that aquamarine is so frequently associated with the sea, the stone’s spiritual meaning is one of cleansing. Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystal blue waters, and the relaxation and feeling of calm that the sea brings. Spiritually, aquamarine is associated with trusting and letting go.

Tranquillity, calm, clarity, and harmony are all connected with aquamarine. The sea blue crystal, the first of the spring birthstones, symbolises metamorphosis and rebirth. It is a symbol of youth, purity, loyalty, optimism, and honesty. Aquamarine, of course, must have all of the sea’s restorative properties.

Most aquamarine has a very light color, which can be almost unnoticeable in very small stones. Stones with a rich blue color are the most popular. They are also the rarest and most valuable.

In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Sailors used the stone as a talisman to bring good luck on the open waters. The gem was used as a symbol of protection and fearlessness too.

Aquamarine Virtues

  • Tranquility
  • Serenity
  • Harmony
  • Rebirth
  • Tolerance
  • Good luck for travelers
  • Truth and trust
  • Stone of Communication
Category Details
Nickname Stone of Communication
Color Light Blue to Green
Chakra Throat/Heart
Birthstone March
Zodiac Pisces
Main Virtue Serenity
Health Throat/Liver/Stomach
Gem Partner Larimar / Blue Agate
Cleansing Water
Goddess Aphrodite / Guanyin
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