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Wellness and Beauty

Wellness & Beauty Gifts

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Wellness and beauty gifts offer a holistic approach to self-care, focusing on both the mind and body, while seamlessly integrating items that cater to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. These gifts encompass a variety of products, from ice water baths, essential oils that promote relaxation and emotional balance, to innovative red-light therapy devices that rejuvenate the skin, enhancing one’s natural glow.

Conscious shopping experiences are central to this journey, empowering individuals to choose products that are not only beneficial to their well-being but also environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced, such as biodegradable shampoo bars and eco-friendly makeup brushes.

In the realm of mental acuity, nootropics, or smart supplements, promise to boost cognitive function and mental clarity, complementing the physical benefits derived from other wellness practices. The list extends to include spa-related gifts, from luxurious at-home treatments like natural deodorant stones , skin brushes for detoxification, and organic face oils for deep nourishment, to vouchers for serene spa retreats that offer a sanctuary for the senses.

These spa essentials, combined with the mindful selection of products like clay masks for detoxifying skincare and natural exfoliants to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion, underscore the commitment to nurturing both mental and physical health.

Together, these gifts weave a rich tapestry of options for those seeking to nurture their mental, physical, and environmental health. From the gentle touch of a jade roller to the cognitive boost of nootropics, and the deep relaxation offered by spa experiences, this curated selection provides pathways to a revitalised self and a more mindful approach to beauty and wellness, embodying the essence of holistic care.

Oast & Rye

Luxury Home Fragrance and Toiletry Company. We are all about refill and sustainability. We use British recycled glass. Sell in 5kg cartons of soap/ hand cream to help reduce carbon footprint


Handmade natural soap and bath gifts.

I do not use any palm oil in making my products or any plastic in packaging. 90% of my office rubbish goes in the recycling bin!


Scented jewellery – the new way to wear scent without putting any chemicals on your skin or solvents into the air 🌸

Perfume with sustainably sourced pure essential oils; jewellery with recycled precious metals; no solvents or nasties, vegan, cruelty free; 100% recyclable packaging.

Ebo Beauty

Our products feature theraputic-grade pure plant actives, clinically proven to enhance your wellbeing. Nourish skin, choose your daily mood and ease away the stresses that can show up inside and out.

Salt & Clay

Natural, nourishing, plant based skincare.

We strive to create plastic free packaging, using only recycled and recyclable materials. We are a small batch business with a zero waste core. SALT & CLAY use only plant-based ingredients, so every product is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Saskia's Flower Essences

Flower essences and associated products.

All of our products are bottled in recyclable glass with recyclable pipettes, we offer a refill option for our mists and take the environment into account whenever we can


100% Natural Portable Aromatherapy for Wellbeing

Everyone in our team cares enormously about our environment and this reflects on how we go about our work every day. So we have products that can be reused, repurposed and recycled. We aim to take from already recycled materials or utilising naturals with a sustainable source at every stage.



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